About Glenda

I read somewhere that everybody should have three careers in their lives.  I think I have had three so far and am about to embark on a fourth so I’m doing pretty well!

I trained as a dancer and danced professionally until my first child was born.  I really believed that I would just carry on dancing after she was born but we just didn’t like being away from each other.  Being a dancer requires hours and hours of training, rehearsing and performing so I segued out of dancing and into aromatherapy where I created and consulted on many brands.  I even made a bespoke perfume for royalty!  Both aromatherapy and dance are still very much in my life.  I go to ballet class regularly and I have a beautiful range of five facial serums called Angelico

I have written two and one third books!  One on aromatherapy and a three way collaboration on massage for babies, both published by Ryland Peters and Small.  I love writing and hope to do more.  Arms Out Like Wings is my first story.

Below is a demonstration of how to use my Angelico Serums by my daughter Megan.