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There are 4 Chapters.  I hope you will enjoy them.







  • CharlesHap

    Любишь фýтбол, á жeнá рýгaeтся?
    Ηадоели этµ мажоры на дорогих машµнах? Хочется жùть, каκ нормальный человеκ? Счµтаешь, что богатство — это не твое? Лучше счµтай собственные деньгù! Заработоκ в сетù без всяκого рµсκа! Узнать κак

  • Ros Stayne

    Hello Glenda,

    My daughter Carrie (from Pear Tree Cottage at Trebencyn) told me about your podcasts a little while ago and I’ve been listening to them over the past couple of weeks and would like you to know that I have so enjoyed listening to them. What an interesting life you have led! I’m also a north London girl by the way, now living in Wallingford in Oxfordshire.

    I hope we can all meet one day when the virus comes under control and I can visit Trebencyn again. Keep your fingers crossed for me that Carrie can come to stay with me for a couple of days at Christmas,

    With all very best wishes,
    from Ros

    • Glenda

      Hi Ros, I’m so pleased you enjoyed my podcast. Thanks so much for getting in touch. I’m sure Carrie will get to you over Christmas. Be sure to let me know when you are next here. I’d love to meet you.
      Glenda x

  • AEsould

    Original? I liked the descriptive Ness, and never knew you came from 1, Both Italen parents, I thought your Father was English, like mine,?? How honest of you to say you grew up in a Council, area, we live in a council area in Seaford, when I’m not in Greece!!

  • Stephanie Strickland

    Addicted! Love, love, love these wonderful, evocative tales of your life Glenda – can’t wait for more, please keep them coming!

  • Lynne Hanley

    Oh my goodness, these are absolutely enchanting! I have no experience of ballet school other than reading Noel Streatfield as a child, but each episode is so wonderfully evocative I can almost see myself galloping clumsily around a ballet studio in inappropriate clothing!! Your voice and delivery are gorgeous too. Will keep pressing refresh until there’s a new episode!
    Lynne x

  • Gretel Wohlbier-Neff

    Love these. Can’t wait for more. Being a student from America I was so surprised how instantly I loved being at Bush! No home sickness just can’t wait for more of your story!!!

  • Sandra Daniels

    Hello Glenda. I am loving listening to these podcasts. I remember my days at Bush so well. Listening to you speak is bring so many memories back. And I am grateful for that. It makes me want to remember my experiences. I was not only the new girl, but I came all the way from AMERICA, of my gosh! It was quite an adjustment. I was so “different.” But embraced by girls who are still my friends to this day. Please the stories coming…

  • Jeanetta “Jenni” Payne

    Brilliant story telling! I especially loved “The Audition.” It reminded me of my own audition in 1964 – terrifying. Those long scarlet fingernails and clinking bracelets – along with the tinkling ice cubes in her glass of water; quite an overture of an impending climax of an inevitable Saturday morning ballet class doom!

    Did she ever throw her cigarette lighter at you?

    • Glenda


      Hi Jenni, No, she never threw it at me – thankfully! I tried to describe that lighter to my son in law as he asked if it was a zippo!! It was a huge marble thing I think and must have weighed a ton. We were young and fast and probably able to dodge its trajectory!! x

  • Mary O'Hagan

    What a beautiful story, told so evocatively. Glenda you have a great talent for taking the listener with you, right into the story. I am excited for the next episode of this charming heart-warming tale.

  • Debb

    I really loved listening to your stories Glenda. Your writing and storytelling is a great talent as you speak pictures. Enchanting. X

  • AEsould Irwin

    Hi Glenda, i do not recognise your vouce? I like the pod casts, very clever idea? Did you write a book aswell, like Gwyneth Ayers?


  • Chrissie White

    These podcasts are just wonderful am absolutely loving listening to your stories Glenda, you paint such a vivid picture I feel I am there in your home with all your family. I can’t wait until you post some more . Chrissie xx

  • Caroline Jenkins

    I’ve known you for 50yrs and didn’t know any of this! Such lovely memories and I can see your Mum and Dad clearly in my head as I listen to your story. Can’t wait for the next episode!

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