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  • AEsould

    Original? I liked the descriptive Ness, and never knew you came from 1, Both Italen parents, I thought your Father was English, like mine,?? How honest of you to say you grew up in a Council, area, we live in a council area in Seaford, when I’m not in Greece!!

  • Stephanie Strickland

    Addicted! Love, love, love these wonderful, evocative tales of your life Glenda – can’t wait for more, please keep them coming!

  • Lynne Hanley

    Oh my goodness, these are absolutely enchanting! I have no experience of ballet school other than reading Noel Streatfield as a child, but each episode is so wonderfully evocative I can almost see myself galloping clumsily around a ballet studio in inappropriate clothing!! Your voice and delivery are gorgeous too. Will keep pressing refresh until there’s a new episode!
    Lynne x

  • Gretel Wohlbier-Neff

    Love these. Can’t wait for more. Being a student from America I was so surprised how instantly I loved being at Bush! No home sickness just can’t wait for more of your story!!!

  • Sandra Daniels

    Hello Glenda. I am loving listening to these podcasts. I remember my days at Bush so well. Listening to you speak is bring so many memories back. And I am grateful for that. It makes me want to remember my experiences. I was not only the new girl, but I came all the way from AMERICA, of my gosh! It was quite an adjustment. I was so “different.” But embraced by girls who are still my friends to this day. Please the stories coming…

  • Jeanetta “Jenni” Payne

    Brilliant story telling! I especially loved “The Audition.” It reminded me of my own audition in 1964 – terrifying. Those long scarlet fingernails and clinking bracelets – along with the tinkling ice cubes in her glass of water; quite an overture of an impending climax of an inevitable Saturday morning ballet class doom!

    Did she ever throw her cigarette lighter at you?

    • Glenda


      Hi Jenni, No, she never threw it at me – thankfully! I tried to describe that lighter to my son in law as he asked if it was a zippo!! It was a huge marble thing I think and must have weighed a ton. We were young and fast and probably able to dodge its trajectory!! x

  • Mary O'Hagan

    What a beautiful story, told so evocatively. Glenda you have a great talent for taking the listener with you, right into the story. I am excited for the next episode of this charming heart-warming tale.

  • Debb

    I really loved listening to your stories Glenda. Your writing and storytelling is a great talent as you speak pictures. Enchanting. X

  • AEsould Irwin

    Hi Glenda, i do not recognise your vouce? I like the pod casts, very clever idea? Did you write a book aswell, like Gwyneth Ayers?


  • Chrissie White

    These podcasts are just wonderful am absolutely loving listening to your stories Glenda, you paint such a vivid picture I feel I am there in your home with all your family. I can’t wait until you post some more . Chrissie xx

  • Caroline Jenkins

    I’ve known you for 50yrs and didn’t know any of this! Such lovely memories and I can see your Mum and Dad clearly in my head as I listen to your story. Can’t wait for the next episode!

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